If you’re interested in improving workforce morale and employee engagement within your organization, you’ve come to the right place!

We help clients who want to increase employee engagement and improve workforce morale inexpensively. How do we make that happen?

  1. We gather the data from employees that reflect the current state of employee engagement and morale throughout the organization. We start with a low-cost pilot/proof of concept (total cost USD$1000 for up to 50 employees – a reduction of 80% off our normal pricing) that uses a ten-question survey to uncover the issues and findings that affect employee behaviour.
  2. We analyze the data and present our findings in an online session that focuses on how using a combination of embedded values and operational constraints develop low-cost recommendations proven to improve engagement and morale. An example of an embedded value is response latency, which tracks how quickly information requests are acted upon. An example of an operational constraint is employee sentiment, which indicates the level of workforce confidence that the organization is headed in the right direction.
  3. Once management has reviewed the findings, the next step at management’s discretion is to validate the findings by extending the survey to cover additional employees.
  4. Assuming the validation exercise demonstrates the validity of the findings, management can decide how to proceed. If the decision is to adopt the recommendations, we work with an implementation task force to introduce the necessary changes.
  5. In addition, we identify real-time methods of measuring progress that reflect cultural changes that in turn impact workforce attitudes and behaviour, in order to ensure the program is achieving its objectives.

Client Engagement

At SADIA, we want to engage with our customers in their preferred way. Here are several options to choose from:

    1. Call us at (905) 883-0746
    2. Email your questions to info@sadiainternational.com
    3. Send us an online meeting request at info@sadiainternational.com subject meeting request
    4. If you’ve seen all you need and would like to proceed, please follow the steps outlined below. Thanks

How does an organization register for the SADIA employee engagement and morale building program?

  1. Go to www.sadiainternational.com and take a quick review of our website. On the pricing page, select a category and register for the survey. An invoice for the pilot sample for USD$1000 is automatically generated.
  2. Enter payment information and pay the invoice.
  3. Once confirmation of payment has been received, you will receive a password and link to the appropriate survey.
  4. Distribute the link and password to up to fifty employees.
  5. Once the survey has been completed by all program participants, we will contact you to arrange an online briefing to review the results.
  6. Together we decide on next steps as above