What is Resiliency ?

Resiliency: ability of a team to recover quickly from misfortune.

Resiliency is directly correlated to employee commitment: the greater the employee devotion to duty, the greater the overall resiliency of the organization. Based on the forty plus years of research carried out by Dr. Ron Westrum, professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern Michigan University, SADIA has developed a survey for employees that provides an indication of organizational resiliency.

This resiliency index positions the organization on a scale based on employee response:

Type of Organization Level of Employee Commitment Percentage of Org. Population SADIA Resiliency Score
Enlightened Extremely committed < 5% 27-30
Engaged Reasonably committed < 15% 21-26
Emergent Somewhat committed < 30% 16-20
Endangered Not  committed > 50% 10-15

This online survey takes less than ten minutes to complete. Once management understands its resiliency score, it can decide whether or not it is satisfied with the result. If management feels the organization can improve its position, it can take the necessary steps to improve the situation.

Continuous retesting on a quarterly basis indicates whether the mitigating steps taken are having the necessary impact on workforce behaviour and organizational resilience.

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